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Having a Healthy New Year by Controlling what you CAN

Some may say that the pandemic was the hardest thing about 2020. For me, yet again, the hardest thing was getting through the Holidays unscathed (or close enough to it).

There must be a subconscious need that keeps wanting to be met between Thanksgiving and Christmas - I mean, what else could it be? Surely it isn’t conscious!

Last year, after releasing 30 excess lbs, I felt fabulous with lots of energy & reveling in my new (and even old) clothes.

Well, that was until the “goodies” started to arrive at my office. You know the kind, box of See’s chocolate, gift baskets from AJ’s or a variety of places. Temptation ABOUND! And I fell victim. That’s the word I CHOSE to feel - I had no part in it. Totally out of my control…

My victimhood continued into 2020 with my Mexican cruise where I found myself, yet again, the “injured party” - so much food, so many choices, so many “goodies”!

I am so grateful for the Community I am a part of - coaches, mentors and peers, there to help ME along the way. I was able to restart, take control, reduce my emotional cravings & increase my energy! And it worked!

Then came the Holidays ~ and I’m sure you know where I’m going next. Yep - the dreaded (annual) treats, followed by subconscious cravings, and that out-of-control feeling of helplessness.

While I did succumb to some of the “goodies”, in November I had set a goal that when that box of chocolates appeared in my office, I was NOT going to even take the wrapper off the box. As planned, I brought it home, wrapping still intact, and gave it to my husband to take to HIS work. SUCCESS!!!!!! I am very proud of that accomplishment and it somehow made up for the other “indiscretions” this holiday season.

(Unfortunately, Ralph did unwrap the box before leaving the house with it, and I did succumb to ONE piece of dark chocolate. Hey, compared to last year, I am still proud of me!)

So what did I learn from all of this? Glad you asked!

Once I start to veer away from what I KNOW to do - what my body NEEDS and doesn’t need, I lose control. It may start with such a small item that I'm not aware that I even started something.

As you may have heard or read, I’m really into homemade Kombucha, touting all the benefits it brings, and by going homemade, reducing the amount of sugar it contains. I’m still not certain this is THE culprit, but my “gut” is telling me that maybe, just maybe, I’m having too much, & my cravings are coming from the sugar content.

Not sure if you go through this like me, but when my cravings hit, there’s no stopping me. I’ll continue to eat that chocolate (or whatever) even when feeling SO BAD because of it.

My gut health has suffered and I need to release the need to feel the victim and take CONTROL!

We are not powerless! And if we find ourselves acting that way - it’s a (conscious/subconscious) CHOICE to do so. It was so much easier to act powerless - simpler, no responsibility. And NOT the way to live life.

I LOVE it when I feel energetic - full of health & vitality - and am inspired to help others attain that same feeling. Who’s with me?

Who is ready to take control of their health?

Let’s ease into it - start the New year by tuning up & detoxing your gut health. I’ve been told that no health goal can be reached without better digestion and I believe it. If our gut health is suffering, no amount of good foods, supplements and meditation will be enough.

Our gut-brain connection begins in the GUT!

If you're ready to Take Control of your health, check out my new ROOTED in PERSONALIZATION programs. Helping other to achieve health & vitality is my New Year's Intention.

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