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Michele is a friendly and excellent professional. She carefully helped me identify the issues I wanted to address. Then worked with me to develop a plan for my session. Everything went very smoothly. And the results were noticeable just a few hours later! It's been 5 days since my hypnosis session and the issues we wanted addressed are no longer a bother. Thank you Michele!


Barbara T

Very relaxing. Great technique. Personalized to my needs and triggers Michele gave me additional help to utilize outside the office experience......added value! Now we give it a couple of weeks to assess and see if I need another session. I feel energy, relaxed and refreshed. Thank you Michele.

Michele is a talented hypnotherapist. We met to work on a specific issue and she uncovered a totally different underlying issue, then she used her coaching skills to help me commit to a plan of action. Thank you Michele for helping me get out of the rut I was in.


Jessica R

Michele is an absolute ROCKSTAR. Her demeanor & level of comfort brings an energy of joy & love ... a sacredness to the space. Very professional, calming & accepting. She is gifted in asking the powerful questions & digging deeper to the core issue. It is so amazing to witness you in your gifts. 

                                                                                                 Love you HUGE!! Thank you!

Michele is passionate and committed to the betterment, health & wellness of her clients. She is on her way to being a Stellar therapist with integrity and love.

Michele Y


Michele truly cares about what is important to you. She is a generous listener and is always out to empower you through your journey in life. Highly recommended!!

Michele's voice was very smooth and calming.  My relaxation happened quite quickly, which is not how it usually happens when I meditate or listen to self-hypnosis tapes.  I would love to do this again!



Michele understood my issues immediately. I would recommend her and I will be seeing her again.

Michele was very calm and caring. She went through my intake form thoroughly and asked questions that would allow her to better help me. Her voice was soothing and comforting. She did great!



Her voice was so calming! Upon beginning, I went under really quickly. Thank you for sharing your gifts with me - you are wonderful at holding space and remaining neutral - Great Energy!

I'm new at hypnotherapy and Michele did a great job explaining the process and putting me at ease. She asked a lot of questions to focus on my issues and provided a relaxed and comfortable session.



Michelle made me feel comfortable and not judged. I was able to relax fully and felt certain that I was in good hands. I'm excited to go about my life with the belief that my negative thoughts are not a part of who I am. Thank you!

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