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If it has to do with sustainably releasing excess weight without feeling you're on a diet, I can help

So let's start here (check all that apply):

I am here because I ...

  • am tired of yo-yo dieting, eating low calories (still not losing weight) & want to be able to enjoy life again
  • want to stop losing (& gaining & losing) the same 30 lbs over & over again
  • want OFF the dieting roller coaster
  • want to enjoy eating out without feeling deprived or missing out
  • no longer want to worry about if I'm On Plan, Off Plan, having a "good" or "bad day"
  • feel defeated from trying so many times, and want a sustainable solution

GOOD NEWS, my friend! 
There is no wrong answer.
If any or all of the above apply,
you're in the right spot! 

Hi! I'm Michele Root and I am excited to help you create optimal health & vitality without feeling like you're on a diet, so that you can focus on enjoying life with family & friends.

Living your life is PERSONAL and no one's nutritional needs are the same.  My Rooted in Personalization approach takes YOUR unique needs into consideration.  My toolbox includes a variety of assessments to dive into the Root Cause of cravings, beliefs, and your nutritional insufficiencies.

Changing the way you think about food so you get your mind working with your body, not against it, is critical to weight loss and healing”. ~ Dr. Mark Hyman  
We're a TEAM!

Let's get to know one another better.

I am a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach and Certified as a Functional Nutrition Counselor by completing the Full Body Systems training within Functional Nutrition Alliance , a program that is designed to teach how to leverage the powers of nutrition and using “food as medicine” to help clients feel better, and release excess weight. I love the Functional approach that creates individualized diet & lifestyle plans that actually work, so I may provide my clients the lasting results they’ve been searching for.

In 2016, I received my Associates Degree in Transformational Psychology from Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, focusing on Hypnotherapy, Master Life Coaching, Nutrition and Aromatherapy.  Since then I have expanded my modalities with Auriculotherapy ("ear reflexology"), bio-neurofeedback and Toe Reading.


After decades of body weight struggle, I discovered that I wasn't eating the right balance of nutrients. And, like most "dieters", I thought it was all about deprivation, believing that whole "calorie in, calories out" lie.

Our body needs to receive certain nutrients to function correctly.  When not given what it needs, it will store some as fat. It was after hiring a Coach and learning the importance of all nutrients, while dealing with how food made me feel, that things started to fall into place. I regained control over my actions & reactions, and started thinking of food as Fuel for the body, not an emotional release.  I also resolved my stress-eating tendencies that always had me regain the "lost" weight.

During my studies and focus on the Gut-Brain Connection, it hit me like a ton of bricks when researcher, after researcher, after doctor and Functional Medicine practitioner, that the health of our BRAIN is directly linked to our gut health.  Immediately thinking of my own mother's health that quickly deteriorated right before my eyes, I knew I was on to something when I highly recommended to her dietary changes (which were placed on deaf ears).


My passion for sharing my knowledge and experience is what gets me out of bed in the morning.  I love empowering my clients to empower themselves with Healthy Habits so they too can experience all aspects of a healthy life without feelings of deprivation, or worrying about staying "on plan".  AND, more importantly, to stop degenerative brain disease, mental health challenges before they become too severe.

A few random facts about me:

Me & Ralph Shriner Parade.jpg
  • I love to ride motorcycles.
    I've had two: 2003 HD Sportster that I thought was the best bike ever, until I got my 2010 Fatboy!

  • I was a member of the American Legion Riders and my ride name is "Stevie" (after Stevie Nicks)

  • I have been a member of the American Legion Auxiliary since 2008.

  • I grew up with a dog (Kandi, a French poodle)

  • Love my furrbabies - Felines have been my pet of choice for many years. My first was a black cat named Apryl - can you guess which month I got her? My husband brought his two felines into our family and our 4th adopted us.  Since their passings, we've added two more - Rudy & Romeo.

  • I was born & raised in the Detroit suburb of Farmington and moved to Arizona in 1989 to begin "a new" - which is where I met my husband

  • Looking for ways to get more "movement" (aka exercise) in my life, I've taken Belly Dancing & Pole Dancing classes.

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