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F&ck Cancer

Nearly two years ago, my beautiful friend was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. Having been the caretaker for her brother-in-law through his fight with cancer, she vowed never go to through the same hell he did with chemotherapy and radiation. So when she received her diagnosis, she knew she was going home to die. The doctors gave her three months and that is exactly how long she lived. She ate what she wanted to - including lots of sugar, which cancer loves, and had her Chardonnay, which she loved. In fact, almost everyone who came to visit brought her a bottle. I was just learning about nutrition, GMOs, essential oils, holistic healing and did not want her to give in. I wanted her to fight it and gave her videos, Frankincense oil, and hope. Alas, she accepted her fate. Had I known more about it at the time, would it have made a difference? I'll never know. The video on Gerson and the Frankincense were never opened.

As we were approaching her one-year anniversary, I was introduced to The Truth About Cancer (TTAC) video series and immediately became a Member, purchased the videos and opened myself to spreading the news of complementary healing modalities. I say complementary as the word "alternative" seems to get a bad rap as it is very much misunderstood. I have shared Facebook posts from TTAC almost daily and have started to write a book based on a lot of the interviews that were conducted in making the video series by Ty Bollinger and TTAC. Had my beloved friend not passed from cancer, who knows if I would have considered myself as someone who needs to get the word out.

Today I learned that another beautiful soul has lost their fight with the Big C. Every time I would learn about a new treatment, or what can be done while going through chemotherapy, I would make sure to include Gene on the posts. I felt compelled to knock on his door and make him listen to what was being done that was actually helping fight cancer, but knew all I could do was simply offer the information to him (sort of like bait). Whether he took it or not, that was his choice and my beliefs did not matter. We cannot force people to see things the way we do. I do not understand how people can believe that putting poison into their bodies (chemotherapy, radiation) is going to make them better, but I have not had that diagnosis of having cancer either.

To stand back and watch people I love go through so much misery and heartache is very difficult. So I will continue to do what I can to spread the word about Essiac Tea, curcumin, essential oils such as Frankincense & Sandalwood, hyperbaric chambers, etc in hopes that someone will listen, take the time to investigate for themselves, and say F&ck Cancer, F&ck Chemotherapy, F&ck "standard care of treatment" and improve their immune system so they can fight, and win!

It doesn't make sense that there will ever be a "cure" for cancer - how can there be? There is no money in a cure. What would happen to all those cancer treatment centers, all of the researchers, oncologists, Big Pharma ... Even the American Cancer Society, Susan G. Komen, and all of the "charities", what would happen to them?

We need to continue to educate the public - about GMOs, what is in the packaged & processed food they are consuming, that sunscreen has carcinogenic properties, etc. The more they know, the better the chance they will start looking at other treatments and stop relying on their oncologist; who by the way, receives a stipend for every patient of theirs who consents to chemotherapy treatments. But that's for another blog.

Educate - research - start healing your body with nutrition & boost your immune system. It took 12 years for the cancerous tumor to form and for it to be detected. Do not assume that your oncologist is looking out for your best interest and knows all there is on what is available. Rely on your own research and what you body is telling you. And remember - F&ck Cancer!

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