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12 Small Ways to Right-Size our Portions

There is no need to give up all our favorite foods for us to manage our weight or improve our health. One of the biggest nutrition problems is not what we eat, but HOW MUCH, especially with "value meals" and "Supersize me". The key to healthful and delicious eating is to downsize our portions. Here are a dozen quick & easy ways to eat less and enjoy more taste and nutrition in every bite.


  1. Listen to our body's cues ~ our internal signals of hunger and satisfaction will help us eat right, IF we listen to them.

  2. Prepare less food for meals ~ just the presence of food makes us eat more. If leftovers are wanted, then put them out of sight (and out of mind).

  3. Start with a small serving ~ small servings may be exactly all that is needed; and we can always have more if we are still hungry (being sure to wait a few moments before getting another helping).

  4. Use small dishes and glasses ~ it really works! Smaller plates and taller, thinner glasses make us think that we are getting more, with less.

  5. Slow down the pace of eating ~ eating slowly enhances enjoyment of our food & beverages, and gives our brain time to register fullness.

  6. Eat half, wait 20 minutes ~ when we wait (and listen to internal cues), we can be satisfied with smaller-than-usual portions.

  7. Never eat out of the bag ~ when we eat out of bags, boxes or cartons, we usually eat more. Take a small portion and then put the bag away (where it is not easily accessible).

  8. Think before ordering ~ many meals out are two to four times larger than we need. Plan ahead.

  9. Always go for the small size ~ especially at fast food restaurants, order small or regular items (drinks, burgers and fries) or choose a child-size meal.

  10. Share, share, share ~ sharing meals when eating out is a great way to save money - and calories too.

  11. Eat half, take half home ~ ask the server to put half of the meal into a "to-go" container in the kitchen or to bring a box to the table (or bring your own box [thinking GREEN]).

  12. Eat regular meals and snacks ~ when we plan regular meals and snacks, it is easier to be satisfied with smaller portions each time.

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