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Choose Your Pricing Plan

  • 3-month weight loss

    Every month
    Empowering Healthy Habits while releasing excess weight
    Valid for 3 months
    • Learn to Eat to Live and release the Diet Mentality
    • Say YES to whole foods that are deliciously doable
    • Rid yourself of constant cravings, fatigue, brain fog
    • Gut Health Assessment & Tune-up (if needed)
    • 20% discount on high-quality supplements (if needed)
    • Weekly check-in calls
    • Detailed summaries of sessions with Action Items/Reminders
    • Online journal to stay on track via client portal
    • Unlimited text messaging through client portal
    • Nutritional Assessments for Insufficiencies
  • Health Foundation

    Nourish Your Foundation
    Valid for 3 months
    • Weekly calls for accountability & check-in
    • Assessments to determine any mineral deficiencies
    • Healthy recipes & meal prep suggestions
    • Hypnosis sessions via Zoom to remove blocks, if required
    • Meal Plans & Recipes
    • Unlimited Emails
    • Unlimited Text messages through Client Portal
  • Better from Within

    Every month
    9-Month program builds on Nourishing Your Health Foundation
    Valid for 9 months
    • Assess & address nutrient needs plus insufficiencies
    • Updating your digestion as needed
    • Weekly calls for accountability & check-in
    • Hypnosis sessions via Zoom to remove mindset blocks
    • Meal Plans & Recipes
    • Weekly guides & handouts
    • Unlimited Text Messages through Client Portal
    • Unlimited Emails