Are You Feeling Powerless in Your Weight?

Have you tried to lose weight and it didn't happen the way the (book, program, friend, supplement) promised?

Or did you lose some, only to find it again?
Do you feel like you lose at losing weight, when it 
seems like everyone else wins?
Have you tried "eating right & exercise" but failed at weight loss?
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It isn’t because we haven’t tried HARD enough, we just haven’t gone deep enough into the Roots to really understand.  Roots are the place all nutrients come in from and determine the health & energy the body needs.

Together, we will develop a road map, based on your assessment, which will identify your Root Cause.  We’ll head on down the road, with me as your Co-Pilot, navigating every step of the way and assessing what’s the better path for you.

What happens to us when we don’t succeed at something?

When our body isn’t functioning properly, our mind gets mixed messages - or doesn’t get successful messages.

As you can imagine, the Mind-Body Connection requires work on the Mind AND the Body and what I have discovered is when we get to the Root Cause, we find digestion is not prepared to help the body run better.  When we focus on addressing what the body NEEDS to run better, instead of trying to fix things, we see better results.

Another Root cause is when your Mind - Body Connection isn’t allowing the system to function better.

It may be we need to take your attention OFF food, and there are great options that take out the guesswork, removing all the questions on what you should do, for a period of time. 


Consider it like training wheels that help us get results so you can start to:

  • Feel successful

  • Adjust what your body needs to Run Better

  • Remove stubborn mental roadblocks


I find most people come to Hypnosis as a “last resort” - after they’ve tried EVERYTHING and feel a failure, so they’re giving one last-ditch effort to restore their personal power in their health.

My 3-tiered approach is Rooted in Personalization, connecting the Mind & Body to help you succeed where you’ve not been successful before.  We’ll dive into assessing if your body is functioning optimally. We’ll also dive into the Mindset to release any of those roadblocks that may be holding you back.  I’m a detective - I look at the Root and figure out what’s going on personally with the Mind and Body.

 "I have been working with Michele for personal health coaching for 5 weeks currently. I have been able to make significant changes to my lifestyle that are helping me to overall feel better, and get closer to my own personal health goals. Michele is very organized with her coaching, she is very accepting, I don't ever feel "bad" when we chat, and she is also extremely knowledgeable. I will continue my work with her and also recommend her coaching to others." ~ Stephanie B

About Michele Root ~ Empowering You!

For my own personal health, it seems like I've struggled most of my adult life trying to maintain a healthy weight and it seemed I kept losing & gaining the same 20-30 lbs, over & over AND over again.  Looking back, I can tell you that I didn't pay attention to HOW my body was responding to the foods I ate, the thoughts & feelings that controlled my actions, and the careless ways I was treating my body.  Even after learning about nutrition and what the body NEEDS to thrive, I had problems.

Not sure where I'd be if I hadn't hired a Health Coach.  I discovered that I wasn't eating the right BALANCE of nutrients.  Like most "dieters", we think we have to stop eating certain foods, and that isn't the case.  Our bodies need to receive certain nutrients, or it will store what it has as fat. When I finally paid attention to my Coach and how food made me feel, things started to fall into place and I regained CONTROL over my actions & reactions!

AND I want to help YOU do the same!  Let's schedule a complimentary 30-minute call to discover how I can assist you in Empowering Yourself to create optimal health & vitality!

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