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Stop Yo-Yo dieting once & for all!

Working with me, you’ll learn it's not just WHAT you eat, but how & where you eat, along with what you body does with what you eat that leads to sustainable weight loss .  
Michele Root
Meet Michele Root


She struggled most of her adult life trying to maintain a healthy weight. She kept losing and gaining the same 20-30 lbs, over, over AND over again. Looking back, she can tell you that she didn't pay attention to HOW her body was responding to the foods she ate, it's inability to digest all the nutrients the food provided, and the careless ways she was treating her body by ignoring all the signs & symptoms. Even after learning about nutrition and what the body NEEDS to thrive, she struggled. She's not sure where she'd be if she hadn't hired a Health Coach! She discovered that​...

3-Tiered Approach
Rooted in Personalization!


  • It All Begins in the Gut - giving your body the resources it needs to run better today while avoiding/reducing what can irritate, overwhelm and disrupt its efforts. (~Ashley Koff, RD)

  • Release Mindset roadblocks, uncover the Gut-Brain Connection and how each "feeds" off the other 

  • Nutrition & Lifestyle - creating and maintaining sustainable changes that will benefit you for life and never having you feel deprived or on a diet

healthy nutrition
delicious healthy alternatives
Holistic Wellness Success Requires Mind-Body Connection


Develop a healthy road map with Michele, based on your personal health assessment, to identify your Root Cause(s) of your struggle to lose weight & keep it off.

Many people come to Hypnosis as a “last resort” - after they’ve tried EVERYTHING and feel a failure, so they’re giving one last-ditch effort to restore their personal power in their health. And guess what? IT WORKS!

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