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Hypnotic Coaching

Hypnotic Coaching is a mixture of traditional coaching with hypnosis &/or guided imagery. Our conscious mind makes change extremely difficult!  Permanent change begins when the “conscious” and “subconscious” minds' beliefs and emotions are congruent with the new goal/behavior.

Hypnotic Coaching helps you to envision and create from that deep place inside. It helps you to undo old beliefs and limiting thoughts that sabotage permanent weight loss. 

What is hypnosis?

A state of relaxation and/or a level of concentration that the average individual reaches daily.  Self-hypnosis is accomplished most often when an individual is absorbed in a TV program, experiencing repetition (highway driving), or daydreaming.  “Hypnosis” is a form of guided relaxation using imagery where the ideas expressed (suggestions) by the practitioner are generally experienced more vividly, which in turn creates a new awareness.  Depending on a person’s motivations, there may be a shift in attitude about specific subject matters, such as habits and stress.  The only requirement for getting therapeutic results is that the person has a conscious desire to change, and is in agreement with the suggestions.

Can everyone be hypnotized?

Yes, provided an individual has normal physiological and psychological functioning and therefore the ability to concentrate and relax.  As long as a functional human being is willing, he or she may undergo hypnosis. There is a positive correlation between a person’s willingness to relax and concentrate and the ability to undergo hypnosis.​

Do people do things under hypnosis that are against their morals or values?

No. Hypnosis cannot detach the ego. As a general rule, if a client were given a suggestion he or she did not agree with, he or she would simply refuse, laugh at it, or awaken from hypnosis.  In stage hypnosis, the volunteers are usually under the influence of alcohol and have come to the show for the purpose of relaxing, acting silly, and having a good time. Therefore, they are easily encouraged to do so. Because inhibitions are often reduced under hypnosis, the subject is more likely to experience his or her inner character traits and motivations.  Yet, if an individual deems these inner character traits inappropriate, they do not reveal them.  Beliefs and values continue to stay intact during any act that involves hypnosis.

Source: Dr. Allen S Chips

President of American Holistic University, the National Association of

Transpersonal Hypnotherapists, and Transpersonal Publishing

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What is the difference between Coaching, Consulting and Therapy?

  • Consultants show you how to do something

  • Therapists help answer the "Why do I" questions

  • Coaches focus on the PRESENT

​The fact is that many of the differences between modern therapy and personal coaching are not as big as we might like them to appear.  Both professionals can be working with fully functioning adults who are working through a difficult situation.  Both disciplines focus on helping people make changes and accomplish goals that really matter to them.  They are different ways of working; each with its own special value.


Psychotherapy generally deals with people with emotional/behavioral problems and disruptive situations - and seeks to bring the client to "normal" function by focusing on dysfunction with the primary focus on healing.  Coaching, on the other hand, deals with functional people who want to move toward higher function - and achieve excellence while creating an extraordinary life.  The primary focus is on evolving and manifestation of potential.  And healing is often a side effect.


Coaches will use an exploratory approach to help you uncover what it is that you want, what it is that is blocking you, as well as how you are going about achieving your goals. To help you find your purpose or path in life, as well as your ideal career, coaches may use personality assessments to help you uncover your personality traits, strengths, and alignments.


Offering new perspectives and different ways of looking at a situation — to reinterpret the current situation in a new way — allows you to make dramatic discoveries in where and why you feel stuck. By exploring how you got “stuck” and what is behind your frustration, coaches help you to first identify the deeper causes beneath your situation. By guiding you with new approaches and powerful exercises, coaches are able to offer new tools and techniques to help you achieve your goals and find solutions.


The list of things coaches can help you with is pretty much endless. Since there are so many aspects of life, any area can be worked on. It is up to you to decide what you most need help with, or you can find out exactly what it is that has been bothering you, together with the help of a good coach.


is about moving you forward, from where you are in your life to where you want to be!


is for you to understand and come to terms with your past, and for support to contain &/or move out of a crisis situation.


is guidance from someone, usually in the same specialty, who can advise, encourage, and support you in your day to day work.

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