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30-Day Gut Health Tune-Up

Virtual Group Program

held Quarterly.

Next Session begins May 2022

Interested in a Personalize Session
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You are what you eat.

How many times have you heard this?

Well, I need to break it to you, it's a big, fat
lie. You are NOT what you eat. You are what you digest and absorb. I don't care how much high-quality, organic, healthy-grub you eat. If your body isn't doing what it's supposed to do when it comes to digesting, absorbing, assimilating and eliminating as it should, you're missing out on the total return on your investment in these food choices.

What signals are your body sending you that your either band-aiding or ignoring?

Are you eating a wide-range of colors (from nature, not a chemistry lab)?

Are you often hungry or fatigued, despite eating regularly?

Are you going? To the bathroom, that is.

Three reasons you cannot lose weight:

  • Digestion isn't Better

  • Stress Affects Digestion

  • Magnesium intake helps Both

During our 30 days together, we will:

  • Get in Better Rainbow Nutrition (foods, drinks, spices & herbs, supplements)

  • Meet water needs - quantity & frequency

  • Reduce digestive frustration

    • Quantity (at one time)​

    • Ingredients & foods that can irritate / overwhelm / disrupt digestion

    • Stress within your control

  • Improve digestive support​

    • Get in more of what your body needs to run better​

    • How your body manages stress


  • Freely socializing without feeling embarrassed due to gas & bloating

  • Losing excess weight because your body is getting the nutrients it needs to THRIVE

  • More energy and stamina and how that changes your daily living

  • Leaving your home without the worries of where a public restroom will be located

Sign up to reserve your spot and Join us in this PROVEN system that has helped resolve many digestion-related issues.

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