Is your Goal to MAINTAIN a Healthy Weight, not just ATTAIN it?

Do you find yourself very successful at Releasing the Excess Weight, but find KEEPING it off is a challenge?  Are you ready to be FREE of Yo-Yo Dieting (Weight Cycling)?
Hypnotic Health Coaching will explore any limiting beliefs that may sabotage your new healthy lifestyle. Work with me to EMPOWER You for the Long-Term and make the Transformation last!
I'm still HERE for you for in-person sessions
I'm Here for YOU!


  • Are you Sick & Tired of Being Sick & Tired

"process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one's life and claiming one's rights" - Oxford Dictionary

Welcome to hypnotic coaching

I've made my journey, let me help you on yours.   Michele

  • So fatigued that you are missing out on family & friend gatherings?

  • Brain fog is starting to affect your life, especially at work?   

  • Unexplained excess weight, especially belly fat, getting you down? 

  • Stress is taking it's toll on your body, mind and spirit?

  • Just not feeling like your "old self" and want to get it back?

  • Want to take control of this spiraling downward trend?

  • Or maybe you're more like I was - screaming at the slightest things, or what felt like no reason at all ... most of the time I couldn't explain it - it was something that just "came over me"

  • I'd also find myself wanting desperately to get to sleep and my mind-chatter was constant ... why did I have such great ideas when all I wanted to do was sleep?

  • Feeling like life is handling you instead of you handling life?

  • Feeling you are under an immense pressure or weight?

  • Does life feel like it is going on without you?

We need stress to enrich our lives - we'd be pretty boring & mundane without it.  However, when it turns Chronic, that's when we need to do something - fast & permanent.

Excess weight can cause stress on the body - inflammation can be found in almost every disease. Releasing that excess weight, especially around the mid-section, will transform your LIFE!


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