Join Us Friday, March 24, 2017          9:00 am - Noon

Apache Wells Community

Navajo Room

2223 N 56th Street, Mesa

Apache Wellness - a Holistic Health Gathering

COMPLIMENTARY event emphasizing integrative therapies embracing WELLNESS, not concentrating on illness or dis-ease.

Speakers focusing on reduction of Stress, easing Inflammation, the importance of Nutrition, eliminating Toxins and restoring Health.

9:10     Stress Reduction with EFT (Tapping) with Kaye Bahr

9:30     Qigong & Tai Chi with Leslie Cook

10:00   Nutrition with Haley Cloud (eliminated 13 medications thru diet)

10:30   Colon Hydrotherapy with Elizabeth Joseph

11:00   Unleashing Vitality with Medical Intuitive Jennifer Morrison

11:30   Homeopathy Care with Ben Ta’ati, CCH, RSHom

Also Reiki with Cindi Bright, BEMER electromagnetic therapy with Janet Lee, Yoga Nidra with Jessica Rose, PureTrim Mediterranean-based products, Juice Plus+ with Deanna Gnadt, Fluffy Vegans and more....

Join us Saturday, September 10, 2016              9:00 am - 1:00 pm

No Longer a Slave to What you Crave

1100 East Apache Blvd, Tempe, AZ

Release the Chains and the Gains
Past Events

Cravings are not simply physical ~ in this workshop you will walk away with an awareness of your relationship with food; the emotional reasons for eating (usually lack of fulfillment and using food as a substitution); satisfied versus stuffed; reframing negative body beliefs; S.O.U.L. foods versus C.R.A.P.; eating to live, not living to eat.


If you trust your body to know what you need, it will take care of you instead of fighting back. Cravings and false hunger are not the same as giving your body the fuel it needs. In the act of eating, your self-image is involved, along with your habits, conditioning and memories. The mind is the key to losing weight, and when the mind is satisfied, the body quits craving too much food.


To lose weight, you need to fill yourself. If you fill yourself with other kinds of satisfaction, food will no longer be the problem. Eating is a natural way to feel happy; overeating is not.


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